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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sestak/Pelosi for 7th Congressional District - NOT!

San Francisco Leftist Nancy Pelosi Leftist Joe Sestak, in his own words, says, in fey and effete manner, that the Cap and Trade bill passed by the House “…should have been even more.” Joe Sestak supports government run Obamacare and, in particular, the Public Health Care Option, supports 60% ownership interest in General Motors, the auto bailout, as “something that had to be done” the $ 787 Billion Stimulus is “the minimum amount needed…I would have voted for ONE TRILLION DOLLARS”. Joe Sestak never mentions jobs for ordinary people. Amazing. Joe Sestak has a Perfect Pelosi Voting Record. Joe Sestak voted with Nancy Pelosi 100%. This message is from Bob Guzzardi, not approved by any candidate or organization.

From Toomey for Senate:

Allentown – As Congressman Joe Sestak travels to Nancy Pelosi’s San Francisco district today, it should come as no surprise that his voting record is more in sync with Speaker Pelosi’s liberal extremism than Pennsylvania’s commonsense fiscal conservatism.

Congressman Sestak has voted with Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time for the 111th Congress so far (Congressional Quarterly). Sestak’s MoveOn.Org agenda may fly in San Francisco, but it is too extreme for Pennsylvania.

Sestak is just another San Francisco liberal. Watch the video here.

For Immediate Release—June 21, 2010

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