The Radioactive Crusader

Crusading to save the American Dream for my Grandsons and Grandaughter!

“The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.”–Albert Einstein


In the not too distant future it likely will be impossible to believe how so many educated people could believe uncritically a so poorly investigated theory of global warming. How interesting that during the recent periods of world wide intense cold the Global Warming theorists have had to change the title of the ‘disaster’ from Global Warming to Climate Change to Global Climate Disruption (see Phanerozoic eon and Quaternary period to track the oscillations in climate.) Right now, parts of the world are buried under record levels of snow and are experiencing 100 year record cold. Moreover, the science supporting the ‘theory’ of man-made global warming has been discredited (see ‘Climategate.’)
Surely the time has come for the politicians to wake up, embrace reality, and stop wasting billions of taxpayers’ money on technologies that are inefficient and promoted to line the pockets of themselves and friends (see Al Gore), and designed to promote wealth redistribution (see Cancun 2010 Climate Conference.) The political agenda of changing the entire world economy from 80% dependence on fossil fuels is misguided and possibly misanthropic.  Their motivations must be looked for outside the realm of real science.
I submit that we pressure our legislators to drop the Global Hoax pretense, stop the ongoing indoctrination in our schools, and focus like a laser beam on reality.